HCC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (HCC) was founded in September 5, 2008, is located in Shenzhen,China, covers an area of 3000 square meters, more than 50 employees. HCC company owns two brands HCC and CMO HCC products from design to production, from incoming to shipping always adhere to high-quality, high standards, from first to last pursuit of perfect quality, pursuit to offer customer satisfaction to the purchasing experience. HCC products provide 5 years warranty. Even HCC product reached 5 year or over 5 years ,we still provide customer parts, in order to maintain better products to help end customers. When HCC staff said that this product should be almost ok, or normally be no problem, do not need time to rework, as the general manager, I always ask them "I need aperfect quality product, are yous sure this is perfect? If not, please make it perfect ".A person's life is very short, the life of an enterprise can not be infinitely long, but in any case, we need to mak...
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